24/6 (Fri) 4pm - Japanese Tea Workshop by IPPIN/e2i & Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Japan


IPPIN /e2i & Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Japan are conducting a Japanese Tea workshop.

DATE : 24th June, 2016 (Fri) at 4pm-5pm

VENUE : ION Orchard Basement 4

FEE : SGD 60.00 per pax (Ex.GST)

Take home gifts include!

Retail Value $17 - Sencha Green Tea PANORAMA (high quality loose leaf)

Retail Value $20 - Blended teas that you will blend with Tea Master at ION Orchard


Founded in 1877, Marumo brings you the tastiest Japanese green tea.

Its President, Nobuki Mori, has one of the highest degree of tea examiner qualification. Only several people in Japan holds this degree, and he is one of them.

We are organizing a Japanese Tea workshop by the distinguished tea artist, Mori san, on June 24th Friday and 25th Saturday at ION Basement 4. (2 sessions per day: 12-1pm, 4-5pm)

He will demonstrate how to brew Japanese tea correctly so that it tastes its absolute best. He will brew three different kinds of tea. (One of them is the take home gift so you can brew at home! Sencha (Green tea), Roasted Green Tea (Houjicha) & Gyokuro (The premium quality Green tea) are the ones that he will demonstrate how to brew.

He will also demonstrate how to blend Japanese tea. This will be a hands-on experience for all participants!


Seats are limited.


History and Health benefits of Japanese tea

How to brew Japanese correctly? (3 different kinds)

How to blend Japanese tea? (hands-on)

Fri Jun 24, 2016
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM SGT
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ION Orchard Basement 4
Ticket Fee (Inc. GST) SOLD OUT $64.20
Venue Address
ION Orchard Basement 4 Singapore
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